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Travelling around Australia – Forever!


Clive and Mandy Richmond left on a trip to travel around Australia in 1979. They set off in an HQ Holden station wagon with all their worldly possessions, not much money, no real plans and no real idea where we were going. They worked their way around Australia, and then just kept going around again – and again! During that time they married and raised two kids. Between them, Clive and Mandy have had more than one hundred jobs.

They lived and worked on seven cattle stations, were married on one of them, and generally lived and worked in remote areas or country towns. There were good times and bad, and some dark, dangerous days that they were lucky to survive. But overall, it has been a great life – unrestrained and untameable, never burning a bridge, and yet full of the adventure of new horizons and that addictive feeling of freedom. You could call them gypsies, drifters, wanderers, lost souls or whatever, and you would probably be right.

Clive Richmond’s book, “Southern Cross Gypsies” tells of their amazing life together. Clive’s poems are meaningful, heartfelt additions to the story of their adventures.

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  1. Prue says:

    Awesome read absolutely loved the raw honesty! Brilliant!

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