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The Present

Steve Strongheart

Here is a book written in plain English for the person seeking understanding, motivation and insight about the enigma called self.  Have you reached a point in your life where you feel the need for change? Do you want to understand the problems you have faced in your life? If you have been living your life as you were conditioned to believe life should be, then you need new information, new understanding and perhaps a generous helping of courage to enable you to move away from the old and toward the new.

This book is filled with powerful knowledge, ideas and tools to help guide you through the often confusing, sometimes overwhelming, always amazing place called your inner world.  Now, as always, the power you seek is in your hands.

Published by Jabiru Publishing, 2020

Paperback, 186 pages

Price: $24.99    Postage: $7.00

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Amanda Wiltshire

Do you long to connect to that place deep inside, where you know true happiness is found? Do you long to be happy and healthy by dissolving the barriers you have placed around yourself? After reading this book you will learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. You will learn to live in such a simple way that you can help yourself and others find the joy and happiness that is missing in life.

Obtaining love, health and happiness is a universal goal which it seems we struggle to achieve. If we can equip ourselves or our loved ones to FLY through these difficulties, then there is no better gift. This amazing self-help book will provide ways of helping you to live life simply and happily.

Published by Jabiru Publishing, 2018

Paperback, 44 pages

Price: $17.99    Postage: $5.00

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A Trillionaire’s Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw’s new book, “A Trillionaire’s Pathway”, takes an imaginative look at ways of making lots of money. Using a fantasy hotel as an example, this tongue-in-cheek view of how to get rich is both entertaining and informative.

“A Trillionaire’s Pathway” is a great story, an exciting fantasy, and a training manual for entrepreneurs. It ‘s like a gym to hone your creative mental health by building an imaginary hotel. Success is attained when the money takes a back seat to problem-solving creativity.

Published by Jabiru Publishing, 2017

Paperback, 90 pages

Price: $14.99    Postage: $7.00

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Vocal Enrichment: Enlightenment Through Voice

Hazel Menehira

This enthusiastically received resource places vocal enrichment back in its rightful balanced position as a path to confident communication, well-being and self-realisation in all its aspects. It provides a simple inspirational framework that is not age or ability contingent for individuals, students and educators to use for study, practice and teaching purposes. In its third reprint, it is a comprehensive educational text for teachers and students alike. Published by Interactive Publications, 2008.

Paperback, 84 pages

Price: $20.00  Postage: $7.00

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Hey, Guys! Here’s How You Get More ‘Nooky’! How to build the happiest relationship in your world

Chris Shaw


122 pages

A practical self-help guide for men to help them have the best relationships with their wives, girlfriends and partners. It’s all about finding out what women really want in a relationship, such as respect, trust and communication. FC Productions, 2011.

Price: $19.99    Postage: $7.00

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The Power and the Possible: A teenager’s traverse of the world

Stephen Paul Chong


280 pages

The Power and the Possible is a “roadmap” for teenagers trying to navigate the magic and mystery, trials and challenges of the teenage years. Guided by practical insights, humour, “easy-going” parables and a wonderful narrative about a family of “ducks”, this book informs and inspires the reader to tackle the teenage years with spirited enthusiasm.

Published by Jabiru Publishing. To be released in February 2016.

Price: $24.99

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Postage: $7.00

Available also as an e-book from Amazon.


Voices of Dementia Carers by Helene McCarthyVoices of Dementia Carers

Helene McCarthy
(with contributions from other carers)


94 pages

Being a carer of someone with dementia is one of the most difficult things to do, as it is challenging, frustrating, life-changing and often very stressful. As a dementia carer herself, Helene McCarthy has written this book to help people who are on the dementia carer journey. The message is to tell dementia carers that they are not alone and that other carers understand. The book includes information about where to obtain help and support and provides tips for carers. Published by Jabiru Publishing, 2015.

Price: $19.99

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Postage: $7.00

Available also as an e-book from Amazon.


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