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New book by Helene McCarthy


Voices of Dementia Carers by Helene McCarthyJabiru Publishing is very pleased to announce the release of Helene McCarthy’s book, “Voices of Dementia Carers”. The book is full of helpful messages and ideas for people caring for those with dementia. It is also useful for the friends and family of dementia carers, so that they can understand what the carer is going through, and how they can help.

“Voices of Dementia Carers” uses a “question and answer” format to provide the views of real people on their experiences of caring for people with dementia. As a dementia carer herself, Helene is well-placed to compile their views and present them in a simple-to-read format, while at the same time providing practical guides to obtaining information and dealing with difficult situations.

The book is highly recommended for anyone needing this information to help them in their caring journey, for professionals who can refer people to this valuable resource, and for anyone who is interested in the field of dementia.

“Voices of Dementia Carers” is available for purchase from this website at “Books”, “Non-fiction”.

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