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Kasthurie Govender, author of “Little Rosy Lost Her Way”.


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Kasthurie Govender was born in Durban, South Africa and raised in Lenasia, Johannesburg, where she completed her schooling education. At the age of nineteen she moved back to Durban to continue tertiary education. She married and was blessed with two beautiful children.
Kasthurie wrote this book because of her deep desire for all the children of this world to hold onto their innocence and purity. It is only through this can they bring forth the light that will transform this dark age of pain and suffering into “Heaven on Earth”.
At Jabiru Publishing (www.jabirupublishing.com.au) we look forward to publishing more books by this talented and dedicated author. Kasthurie’s book is available from this website at “Books”.



  1. Kasthurie says:

    Thank you “Jabiru Publishing” for all the support and guidance, not forgetting love,kindness, patience and dedication you have given and shown in helping to fulfill this dream.
    Much Appreciated

  2. ‘Kasthurie’ is a high quality natural perfume as known in India. Similarly our sister’s innocent renderings will also spread the divine perfume among the children.

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