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Design a Good Life

Mario Calanna

Mario Calanna is a well-known and well-respected pharmacist who is the owner of a chain of pharmacies in north and south-east Queensland. Mario’s father immigrated from Italy and bought a sugar cane farm in Cairns. This book describes the history of the Calanna family and provides an account of Mario’s life and his considerable achievements. He graduated as a pharmacist, and after some time built a medical centre and pharmacy on the cane farm that his father was sub-dividing. Over the years, with his father’s advice, Mario developed the chain of pharmacies. The book also tells the story of Mario’s service to the community through membership of service clubs, his personal philosophy, his spiritual and personal beliefs, and his recommendations on how to lead a good life, enjoying high levels of emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Published by Jabiru Publishing, Cairns, Australia, 2018.

Paperback, 366 pages

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The Cruising Dream by Jenny LawtonThe Cruising Dream

Jenny Lawton


324 pages

Jenny and Doug Lawton were two schoolteachers who loved their jobs, and had a wonderful family of three boys and a happy family home. As their sons were growing up and becoming independent, Jenny and Doug could see a new era in their lives approaching. They took up the challenge of Doug’s dream to ‘buy a boat and sail away’ and turned it into a reality. It took common sense, careful planning and hard work, but led to amazing experiences and unforgettable places and people.

This is their story of ten years spent in their yacht, Swifty – three years of learning, followed by seven years of cruising adventures.

Published by Jabiru Publishing, Cairns, Australia, 2015.

Paperback, 320 pages, colour illustrations

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Available also an e-book from Amazon.


HMS Warspite by Wally ShawHMS Warspite: My Memories of World War II

Wally Shaw. Introduction by Chris Shaw

Wally Shaw was a typical young English naval rating who served on the battleship, HMS Warspite, during  World War II, away from his wife, baby son and career.  These are his memories of his time on HMS Warspite. Introduction by his son, Chris Shaw. FC Productions, 2012

Paperback, 42 pages

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Wamuge, the Wise One by Rob RyanWamuge, the Wise One: Bill Ryan – hunter, soldier, farmer, father

 Rob Ryan

Paperback, 234 pages

Bill Ryan was a well-known character in Kenya. By the time he was sixteen he was running the family farm, had saved the life of a policeman who was being attacked by a lion, and was taking hunting safaris. He was a farmer, an intelligence officer during World War II, and an undercover agent during the Mau Mau rebellion. Rob Ryan, who also grew up in Kenya, recounts some gripping stories about his father, who was much loved and admired.

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Noela McNamara echoes of the pastEchoes of the Past

Noela McNamara

This collection of poems tells the story of the McNamara family, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of two people who married during World War II and raised a family of seven children through what were often hard times. Their story is a testament to love and family values.

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Cheerio DonCheerio, Don

Susan Alley

Paperback, 394 pages
The book tells the story of the author’s uncle, Don Mitchell, who served in the Militia in New Guinea during World War II. This engaging family history gives fascinating insights into Australian life during the war, as it includes stories about Don’s family and how they coped with the war.

Price: $34.99    Postage: $11.00
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For a review of the book, please click here.


Kanahooka Memories by Helena WebbKanahooka Memories

Helena Webb
70 pages

This heart-warming book tells the story of Helena Webb who grew up on Kanahooka Road, on the shores of Lake Illawarra in New South Wales. The family was greatly affected by the Depression and World War II. This fascinating glimpse of an earlier era, seen through the eyes of a young girl, is brought to life for others to share.

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