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A Dog Called Beamer


“Beamer: Am I One of You?” by Donna Herewini is a delightful children’s book with high-quality illustrations. A playful dog called Beamer is trying to find out which creature he is like. Is he a kangaroo, or a chicken, or a galah? He can’t do the things they do. He can’t bounce along the ground like a kangaroo, lay an egg like a chicken, or fly like a galah.

He gets very discouraged, until he realises who he is like. He does lots of things that humans. do. So he must be a human!

The interesting illustrations help children identify the creatures, while Beamer discusses the things that they can do. The story has touches of humour, like when Beamer tries to lay an egg like the chickens do.

This book is suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years.

You can purchase the book from the online Book Store in the Children’s Books section.

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