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Cover for “Cheerio Don”


Cheerio Don coverHere is a preview of the cover for Susan Alley’s book, “Cheerio, Don”. Many thanks to talented designer, Katerina Schmaiger, from FC Productions. The original concept for the cover belongs to Susan Alley, the author, but Katerina has done a great job of capturing the essence of the book. “Cheerio, Don” is the story of Susan’s uncle, Don Mitchell, who served in the Australian Militia during World War II in New Guinea. Susan wrote the book using Don’s letters and diaries as the sources. The background to the book cover is one of Don’s letters.



  1. janeen says:

    Having heard many stories from Susan about her Uncle Don, I am looking forward to reading her book when it is published. Love the cover art – using one of the letters in the background is a fabulous idea.

  2. Barbara Braithwaite says:

    This is a fabulous cover! It portrays exactly what one would expect about the story inside. What a clever idea.
    It will be well worth reading.

  3. Cathy and Dean Cooke says:

    Great cover picture. We knew Don to be a gentle man with a dry sense of humour and it was a pleasure to have spent time in his company during his latter years.
    He would be humbled to think a book has been written recording his military years.

  4. Jacinta says:

    The cover looks fantastic and is very well suited! Congratulations on the finished product. Can’t wait to read it as a published book. Well done!

  5. Kerry Cullington says:

    Wonderful cover – love the background. Look forward to reading this book as I’ve read 2 of Susan’s books before.

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