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Communion with Heaven Book 3 by Antonietta Allotta


Antonietta Allotta was only twelve years old when she saw her first vision – of Jesus on the cross. Jesus told Antonietta about events that would occur in her life. They all came true!

Throughout her whole life, Antonietta has continued to have dreams and visions. Communion with Heaven Book 3 tells the stories of Antonietta’s most recent experiences, from 2015 to 2017. With the changes in the world today, her visions sometimes relate to the terrible terrorist-related events that have occurred.

As she approaches her eighth decade, Antonietta has been very surprised by how much the world has changed. The Word of God and the recognition of Jesus Christ’s presence on Earth are fading. The world is beset with many serious problems. Yet, she feels that the Lord will never abandon us. He forgives us, and gives us the opportunity to change for the better.

Communion with Heaven Book 3 was published in 2017 by Jabiru Publishing. The book can be purchased from the Jabiru Publishing Book Store in the “Spiritual and Religious” section. Simply go to www.jabirupublishing.com.au to order the book.

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