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Bush Poetry by David Howard


River in North Queensland with trees around.Back Country Rivers by David Howard is a collection of bush poetry set in the geographical area surrounding the channel country rivers and other rivers of north-west Queensland and New South Wales. The poems tell of country folk, past and present, who have stories to tell about life in this unique part of Australia.  Some are fantasy, some are fact, but all reflect a deep appreciation of the country and people of outback Australia, as well as the dry sense of humour of the author.

Poet David Howard is a former ABC Radio broadcaster who lived in Longreach in western Queensland for many years. His show was a Country Hour type of program, and his voice (and personality) were much loved and appreciated by his listeners. While he was living in Longreach, his enquiring mind led him to seek out and absorb the history and folk lore of this unique part of Australia. His delightful bush poems are enhanced by the addition of carefully researched, entertaining and informative prose which he uses to explain the more unusual and less well-known aspects of his poems. As well as a fascinating collection of bush verse, David provides an historical account of life in this area of outback Australia.

Back Country Rivers provides an entertaining glimpse of a part of Australian life that is less well-known today. The book will appeal to lovers of bush poetry, outback Australian history, laconic Australian stories, and original humour. The book is available from the Book Store at this website.

Howard, David. Back Country Rivers. Cairns: Jabiru Publishing, 2019.

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