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“As if I Were Here” – New Poetry Book by Jennifer Coffison


Jennifer Coffison’s new poetry book is as delightful as her first book, No Indication of Splinters (also available from Jabiru Publishing).

In her new book, As if I Were Here, Jennifer explores further into the themes of identity, transition, love, judgement, and what it means to be a woman. Jennifer uses poetry to explore the meaning of reality and the importance of love and other emotions, sharing ourselves with others, and the power of words in expressing our oneness and commonality. Jennifer uses poetry to express her truth, in particular the need for love and sharing.

Here is an extract from Jennifer’s biography:

My relationship with the humble pen has spanned many, many years. The pen has been my confidante, my therapist and my creative outlet. Writing became my addiction at a very early age. It has always been the place where I felt no need to be anyone but me – my own little sanctuary, my safe place, so to speak.

As if I Were Here will be published by Jabiru Publishing in April, 2018. You can order a copy from the Book Store on this website in the Poetry section.

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