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Hot Poems for Kool Kids

Hazel Menehira

Great-grandmother Hazel lives in Tropical North Queensland. Her joy is rediscovering her own inner child at beaches and in parks. Bats, crocodiles and snakes are here in fun verse for youngsters to enjoy. The tropics provide a magical environment for children everywhere to discover fun time on sunny beaches and in parks. Excitement and adventure are discovered in the rain forest, and even the big rains bring playful creatures with them. Published by FC Productions, 2013.

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Tommy Learns a Lesson

Lenka Wagner

Soft cover, 40 pages


Postage: $7.00

Tommy believes he’s the best rabbit in the forest. He believes he doesn’t need any friends.  He’s happy on his own.

One day, he leaves his home, without telling anyone. At first, everything is fine, but there is danger hiding in the forest. Soon, Tommy finds himself in a difficult situation.  Even worse, he’s all alone. Will Tommy learn how important it is to have friends and a caring family before it’s too late?

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Travel to the Bushland by Brenda PearsonTravel to the Bushland

Brenda Pearson

Soft cover, 60 pages


Postage: $7.00

Beautiful artwork by Brenda Pearson illustrates her original stories about Cunpta and her travels to the bushland, Dreaming stories, the colourful plants and wildlife of tropical North Queensland, and the  interesting and unique sea wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Kasthurie Govender picture of cover2 (2)Little Rosy Lost Her Way

Kasthurie Govender

Published by Jabiru Publishing, 2014

Soft cover, 28 pages
$AUS 18.95

Little Rosy got lost at the train station while she was looking at toys and sweets. She was very sad! However, a little elephant called Ganesh looked after her until her mother found her. Now she is never afraid anymore, because she always thinks of Ganesh.

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